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"TakeTours.com...offers an online marketplace for brick and mortar tour and vacation suppliers to sell their services. IvyMedia Corp was founded by Dr. Xiangping Chen (aka Jimmy Chen) in June 2000 with the mission of providing affordable and easy-to-use solutions for e-commerce and content management. Today TakeTours.com has become the leading online tour and vacation ticketing service provider."
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by | May 4th, 2014
We did a two day tour to Philly, Baltimore, Washington DC . I was upset because in an Emergency Situation no access to restroom. Tour Guides were pretty good.

by | Sep 16th, 2013
Company Purchased Service: Take Tours (same owner as GoToBus) Tour Operator: Happy Tours 114 Bowery New York, NY Tour Guide: Justin Tour Date: July 1-3 Tour: 3-Day Tour Niagara/DC/Philadelphia Bus #: 5610 Bus: Classic Bus The tour guide forced us & held us hostage until we payed the tip which he referred to as service charge. On our way back to NY, bus was stopped at a truck stop/service station in NJ. The tour guide blackmailed us that until we paid the money the bus will not leave and take us back to NY. We told him that we will hand over the money once the tour is complete which is how tips work. We were there for more than half an hour. Justin (the tour guide) kept following one of us (Edward) demanding that we pay a specified amount as a "service charge". He kept using the word service charge to make it seem like it is a mandatory fee that we had to pay. He even told us that we can call 911 after we give him our money. He was very rude, deceitful & continued to coerce us. There were children on board including a baby so of course we gave in just for the safety of the children. We contacted Take Tours (same owner as GoToBus) but we have not heard back from them for almost 2 months now. The only response we got was that the tour guide was informed & that according to the tour guide, he provided us with great. They believed his lies. It seems like they condone this type of action.

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